Team is stronger than a Coach.

We are a team. ONAIR is not the product of a coach, but it is the result of an excellent work of a team made up of professionals, each with highly specialized knowledge and skills. Every week, we meets to build the most complete and advanced training program to our athletes.


Andrea Barbotti

Main Domains

Andrea is co-founder and responsible for sport specific domain like Strength and Power Endurance, Aerobic Power, Work and Aerobic Capacity. He works also in workout management during training sessions and competitions.

He was born in 1989 and since he was 18, he began to study training methodology with most important Italian Training Academics.
From the beginning with meticulous effort, he has been concentrating his energy to find ways to reach out ergonomic movements during fatigue situations.

Since 2011, he has been competing in Weightlifting and then CrossFit, reaching good performances, like a national final at Italian Weightlifting Federation in 2013. In the same year, he opened his box in Italy, Stronghold 286. He reached great results in CrossFit Competitions (3 times Meridian Regional Qualifier), National Throwdown (he won Fall Series in 2015 and Italian Showdown in 2016) and Internationals Throwdown (most important international spot in Swiss Alpine Battle in Switzerland, Dubai Fitness Championship and Monstar Games in Brazil).

Ingemar Girolomoni

Body Mechanics

Ingemar is co-founder and responsible for body mechanics, related to mobility and stability, and activation and injury prevention.

Born in 1981, after graduating in physical education, in 2006 he obtained a degree in science and training techniques and, in subsequent years, a diploma in massophysiotherapy and osteopathy.
Ingemar specializes in the treatment and training of functional myofascial chains, participating in numerous training courses.

In 2014 he founded OLAB Sport Performance, where he continues to experiment with the knowledge learned in therapeutic practice. The goal is to find the perfect combination of effective training and accident prevention. In 2018 he also started a collaboration with CrossFit Factory Lab as coach.

In addition to swimming, athletics, kung fu and boxing, in 2013 he achieved the CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Certificate Course, in addition to the Aerobic Capacity and CrossFit Competitor Course modules.

Raffaele Polonara

Functional Strength

Raffaele is co-founder and responsible for Functional Strength and accessory.

Born in 1990, after the scientific diploma, he started his military career that led him to serve at the San Marco as a Recon Marine. Finished the service in the Navy, he worked for a Private Security Contractor on ships and land, all over the world.

He started his sport carrier with competitive swimming and sailing and ends up with Functional Training and Kettlebell Training.

In 2013, he met Andrea Barbotti and immediately started a collaboration. After 3 years of training and coaching in Italy, in September 2017, he accepted the opportunity to become Head Coach of CrossFit FDT, in Kuwait.

Michele Bucciarelli


Michele is co-founder and responsible for technology and athlete care.

Born in 1990, after the diploma, he started to work in a telecommunications company where he was responsible for marketing and website. By participating in many training courses, he has acquired an important technological knowledge.

In ONAIR, he manages the intelligent web platform and the whole administrative management system.

Always Raffaele’s friend, in 2014, he met Andrea and Ingemar, and he started to train and also collaborate in Stronghold 286.

Tommaso Nisi

Gymnastic Skills

Tommaso is responsible for all Gymnastic movement & skills.

Born in 1989, he grew up in gymnastics gyms since 5 years. He practiced gymnastics at a professional level up to a few years ago, reaching important milestones at national level and participating in top-level competitions comparing with world-class champions.

The goal of his work is to transfer all his knowledge and skills in gymnastics to the world of fitness competitions. Since 2013, he teaches artistic gymnastics to children, teenagers and adults.

In 2015 he began working with Andrea Barbotti, who entrusted him with the management of the Raw Training Gymnastic modules, as well as an advanced gym class at Stronghold 286.

Andrea Tucci

Breathing Work & Swim

Andrea is responsible for Breathing Work and Swim sessions.

Born in 1977, after his PhD, he started to work in the sport and medical fields as researcher. Since 2002, he also works as member of various safety teams for national and world record apnea.

He has been always curious about the connection between breathing and sport performances and since he started his sport carrier as freediver he has improved his knowledge in this field.

Area Manager

Area managers are our reference coaches in the area. They follow the athletes during the national Throwdowns and support the box owners in developing a competitor team.

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Emilia Romagna

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