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To the Fittest.

ONAIR is the ultimate training program for competitors and amateur athletes. Every week, we combine all our knowledge and skills to build the most complete and advanced training session.

Constancy and winning mentality are among the most important skills to achieve extraordinary results. It doesn’t matter how high, if you want to achieve your goals you have to be persevering and go forward with your head down.


6 training days.

Our programs include 6 training sessions per week, managed with method to ensure every athlete to improve in every domain, power, strength, aerobic, safeguarding health and preventing the risk of injuries.

Intelligent platform.

No Excel Sheets. No PDF files. No Whatsapp messages. All our platform is web-based. Responsive and interactive.

Auto-calculate your percentages.
You have your account and your bio with your personal records. In the training day, when there is a workout based on percentages, we automatically calculate your loads or your reps, related to the score in your bio.

Stress Balance.

Knowing how to listen to one’s feelings and react intelligently to the signals that the body provides is one of the aspects that distinguish the mediocre from great athletes.

Stress Balance automatically scale and adapt your training, related to the Emoji you select. Loads & Reps are customized to your Stress Level.

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Not only workout.

To get the most out of performance, simply increasing the load is not enough. You need a good warmup to prepare for the effort, avoiding injuries and an excellent post workout phase to make you recover better, consisting of specific joint relaxation and stretching routines.


Athlete feedback is really important to us. At the bottom of the weekly program, there is a dedicated section to comments, where everyone can ask questions or personal considerations.


In most workouts you can enter your score and share it with all athletes. Measuring your performance is the starting point to improve it.


Before the main national and international competitions, we create specific weeks with tips and advices to improve your workout management and your general performance.


Foundation of Training.

Element is the training program designed for who really want to improve their fitness level, but with limited time to spend. Training sessions will be no more than 120 minutes, achievable in a single session, for 6 days a week.

This is the program that best suits those who are entering the world of competitions. We study each session to build a consistent aerobic capacity and improvements in all types of sport specific domains, while taking great efforts in strength and power too.


Everything you need to be a great athlete.

Swim Session.

Like swimming, our training is a total body exercise where your entire body is working simultaneously and repeatedly. This means that instead of working one set of muscle groups at a time, we are working multiple, which is where the parallel between the two sports emerges.

Swimming is an excellent training for aerobic capacity and perfect for the day of active rest as you are at zero gravity, so stress for your body is reduced to zero. We also add the apnea and aquatic breathing exercises that are mainly functional to lung and respiratory capacity.


Choose your favourite Workout Plan.


3600/ 4 weeks
  • First Week is Free
  • 6 days a week
  • Up to 120 minutes Training Sessions
  • 1 Swim Session a week (Basic)
  • 1 Mobility Routine a day
  • 1 Activation Routine a day
  • 1 Functional Strength Routine a week
  • Add score on Leaderboard
  • Access to Comments


5400/ 4 weeks
  • First Week is Free
  • All Element privilege and:
  • 2 Training Session a day
  • 1 Swim Session a week (Basic & Advance)
  • All Mobility Routine
  • All Activation Routine
  • All Functional Strength Routine
  • Stretching Routine
  • Access to Media