10 Rounds For Time:

3 Clean and Jerks

3 Bar Facing Burpees

Male: 135lb barbell

Female: 95lb barbell

Notes. If an athlete fails to finish the entire workout within the 5-minute time cap, the score will be given the CAP designation plus the number of reps not completed.
At the call of “3, 2, 1 … Go the athlete will move to the barbell and begin accumulating reps of clean and jerks. When 3 clean and jerks have been accumulated the athlete will begin accumulating reps of bar facing burpees. When 3 bar facing burpees have been accumulated the athlete will begin another round of 3 clean and jerks and 3 bar facing burpees. The athlete will complete 6 total rounds without moving the barbell. After completing the sixth round the athlete will move the bar forward to the designated spot. The athlete will continue this pattern, moving the bar forward after round 7, 8, and 9. The athlete will not be required to move the bar forward after completing round 10. When the athlete has completed 10 rounds they will move to the finish line where time will be called.

Movement Standards:

Clean and Jerk – The Athlete will move the bar from the ground to the shoulder in one smooth motion. The athlete will then take the bar from the shoulder to overhead. Power variations are allowed. The rep will be completed when the Athlete stands up to full extension with the bar overhead and both feet under the hips. The athlete may not touch the platform with any part of the body other than the feet. Hang clean is not allowed.

Bar Facing Burpees – The athlete must be facing the bar with chest and thighs touching the ground. They can get down and come up from the burpee however they like, but the athlete MUST jump over the bar with a two foot takeoff and landing. The rep is counted when the athlete gets to the floor on the opposite of the bar. If the athlete receives a no rep the athlete must repeat the full movement on the correct side of the bar.



12/9 Cal Assault Bike
6+6 Hang Snatch @ [percent value=’35’ of=’snatch’ in=’kg’][/percent] 12 Box Jumps Over @60/50cm
6 Bar Muscle Ups or 12 Stiff Legs Kipping Chest to Bar
max Rope Climb
rest 2′ x 3 set

Target. Manage yourself, try to lost less then 2 Rope Climb or 6 total reps between set.



2′ damper set to 1 @30 strokes/min
2′ damper set to 5 @30 s/m
2′ damper set to 10 @30 s/m
then rest 1′


1′ max Cals
30″ rest
x 4 set
rest 3′ then
30″ max Cals
1′ rest
x 4 set

Notes. Score is total Calories


For Time

21 Snatch @ [percent value=’30’ of=’snatch’ in=’kg’][/percent] 8+8m Handstand Walk
15 Snatch @ [percent value=’45’ of=’snatch’ in=’kg’][/percent] 16 alt. Pistols Squat w/ 16/12Kg Kettlebell
9 Snatch @ [percent value=’60’ of=’snatch’ in=’kg’][/percent] 24 GHD Situps



5 Hang Power Clean @ [percent value=’50’ of=’cleanjerk’ in=’kg’][/percent]

then rest 1′


5 Push Press @ [percent value=’50’ of=’cleanjerk’ in=’kg’][/percent]

then rest 1′


3 Hang Power Clean & Push Press @ [percent value=’50’ of=’cleanjerk’ in=’kg’][/percent]


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