Front Squat

5 @ [percent value=’65’ of=’squatclean’ in=’kg’][/percent] rest 2′
4 @ [percent value=’70’ of=’squatclean’ in=’kg’][/percent] rest 2′
3 @ [percent value=’85’ of=’squatclean’ in=’kg’][/percent] rest 2′
2 @ [percent value=’90’ of=’squatclean’ in=’kg’][/percent]

Pin Front Squat – Front Squat from bottom position
Every 30″ for 6′

1 @ [percent value=’85’ of=’squatclean’ in=’kg’][/percent]

Notes. Start from rack, control your eccentric phase until release barbell on safe bar or wooden blocks, then lift it as fast as possible
Pin Front Squat


For Time:

30/25 Calorie Bike
20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30in, 24in) – you can use hands on box (put togheter 2 30/24inch box)
10 DBall Cleans (150, 100lb)

6 min Time Cap



Every 5″ for 2′
1 Thrusters @ 60/40 kg – Scale if you need
1500m Bike Erg
30 Toes to Bar
30 Russian Swings @24/16Kg
max Box Jump @60/50cm

SetupTimer: 3 Interval 8′ On – 2′ Off

Equipment: Kettlebell @ 24/16 Kg, C2 Bike Erg, Barbell.


Every 6′ for 30′

200m sandbag Bear hug Carry @ 150/100lbs
30 Weighted Paralette Dips @22,5/12,5Kg
15 Double Kettlebell Snatch 2×24/16Kg

Notes. You can manage parallette dips by placing two dumbbells over the 75cm plyo box
Achievements. Managing heavy and odd objects lets conditioning your body like armor. Embrace the fatigue.


Band Assisted 1-arm Chin-ups

4 x 6/4 +6/4
rest 1’30 b/s

Double Dumbbell Seated Overhead hold

Accumulate 1′ of Heavy double dumbbell Overhead hold

Every 5′ for 20′

odd set:
60 GHD Situps
15+15m Double Dumbbell Overhead Lunges 2×22,5/15Kg
even set:
35/28 Cal Ski Erg
3/2 Legless Rope Climb

Notes. Use the first two sections as a quality warm-up, work on improving technique for every movement to build a strong Pull for Legless Rope Climb and control in Double Dumbbell Overhead Position.
Take every round as a single workout. Try to be as fast as possible in Ski Erg and manage Rope Climb to end every set tired.


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