36,00 Price excl. VAT:  29,51 ogni 4 settimane il lunedì con 1 settimana di prova gratuita

1 Week of Free Trial
6 days a week
Up to 120 minutes Training Sessions
1 Swim Session a week (Basic)
1 Bike Session
1 Mobility Routine a day
1 Activation Routine a day
1 Functional Strength Routine a week
Stress Balance
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Elements is the training program designed for who really want to improve their fitness level, but with limited time to spend. Training sessions will be no more than 120 minutes, achievable in a single session, for 6 days a week.
This is the program that best suits those who are entering the world of competitions. We study each session to build a consistent aerobic capacity and improvements in all types of sport specific domains, while taking great efforts in strength and power too.